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1How can I claim the extended warranty purchased?

In case of battery failure during the extended warranty period, you can call our call center to claim your warranty or can claim it online on our web portal. 

2Can I buy a single warranty cover for multiple genset batteries?

No, you have to buy an extended warranty for each battery as it is linked with the battery serial number. However, if you are a fleet owner, we can provide you a bulk.

3What is the cost of buying an extended warranty for the Genset battery?

The cost of an extended warranty for one year is approximately 12% of the cost of a new battery.  

4Can I purchase an extended warranty for my old Genset battery?

Yes, you can purchase an extended warranty for an old battery before the date of expiry of its original manufacturer's warranty. The extended warranty will start from the date of expiry of the original warranty. (Original warranty does not cover the period of pro-rate buy-back warranty) 

5What does an extended warranty for the Genset battery cover?

If the battery fails for any reason during the warranty period then the company will either repair the same battery or replace it with a good battery of the same capacity.

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Why should you
assure life of your Genset Battery?

Low Runtime

Consumes more electricity and gives low output


With time battery sulfation starts

High Maintenance

Requires time to time maintenance

How it Works

  • Your battery goes failure, malfunction, or OEM warranty expires

  • You raise a service request or call us at 9090905599

  • We get your battery repaired or replaced with home comfort