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1What is battery rejuvenation/revival?

After 3-4 years of useful life, 80% of Lead Acid batteries die prematurely due to sulphation deposit on lead plates. With our electro-chemical rejuvenation process, we de-sulfate the battery without opening it. It is a pollution-free and affordable solution to extend the life and enhance the performance of all types of lead-acid batteries. 

2Why should I get a battery rejuvenation/revival from battery assurance?

If you want to extend the life of your old battery and do not want to spend the cost of buying a new battery then you should opt for a battery rejuvenation service at

3Will I get any warranty on revived/rejuvenated batteries?

We give a 1-year warranty on performance rejuvenated battery.

4How many visits are covered in battery rejuvenation/revival services?

There are no visits required, the battery is rejuvenated in our battery service clinic using advanced technology and machines.