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Frequently Asked Questions

1Why should I buy an extended warranty for my inverter battery from Battery Assurance?

The cost of your inverter battery repair is no longer covered after the expiration of your OEM (original equipment manufacturer) warranty. An extended warranty from Battery Assurance ensures your peace of mind by giving an extended cover of 1 year on your inverter battery at just 10% of the cost of buying a new battery.

2What does an extended warranty for the inverter battery covers?

An extended warranty covers the cost of replacement or repair of the battery. Once the OEM warranty expires, the extended warranty extends the warranty period of batteries by 1 year with complete protection.

3Can I purchase an extended warranty for my old inverter battery?

Yes, you can purchase an extended warranty for an old inverter battery before the date of expiry of its original manufacturer's warranty. An extended warranty will start from the date of expiry of the original warranty. (Original warranty does not cover the period of pro-rate buy-back warranty)

4How can I claim the extended warranty?

In case of battery failure during the extended warranty period, you can claim your warranty either by calling our customer service or writing to us at [email protected]

5Can I buy an extended warranty for my inverter battery for multiple years?

Yes, you can buy an extended warranty for multiple years.

6How long can an inverter battery be eligible for an extended battery?

You can get an extended warranty for your inverter battery of any age. It will just affect the premium of the extended warranty. The older the battery, the higher will be the premium.

7Can I buy a single warranty cover for multiple inverter batteries?

No, you have to buy an extended warranty for each battery as it is linked with the battery serial number.

8Will there be any inspection of the inverter battery before taking an extended warranty?

No physical inspection is required for batteries less than a year old. Batteries that are more than one year old, our engineer may visit for a physical inspection free of charge.

9Can I avail the extended warranty service of the inverter battery if I relocate to a new address?

Yes, the extended warranty is valid in any part of India. However, it is advisable to inform the company before relocating.

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How it Works

  • When battery goes failure, malfunction after OEM warranty expires

  • Raise a service request or call us at 9090905599

  • We get your battery repaired or replaced under extended warranty cover

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