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1Why Should I Buy an Extended Warranty of Battery of my car from battery assurance?

After your factory warranty expires, the cost of your battery repair is no longer covered. That means you are responsible for paying the full repair bill no matter how expensive. Extended car battery warranties help offset these costs.

2What is the cost of buying an extended warranty of car battery?

Please check our pricing plan

3Can I buy a single warranty cover for multiple car batteries?

No, you have to buy an extended warranty for each battery as it's linked with the battery serial number. However, if you are a fleet owner, we can provide you a bulk. 

4What does an extended warranty of car battery covers?

Comprehensive coverage with flexible and customizable services, and satisfy the needs of our customers

Best Protection Plans for all battery brands
  • 110K

    Battery Assured
  • UpTo 80%

  • 90%

    Satisfied Customers
  • 100K

    Claim Settled

Why should you
assure life of your Car Battery?


With time battery sulfation starts.

Faulty start

Makes the most out of the battery

Short Life

Gives less productivity over time

How it Works

  • Your battery goes failure, malfunction, or OEM warranty expires

  • You raise a service request or call us at 9090905599

  • We get your battery repaired or replaced with home comfort

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